Traditional Anniversary Gifts

This is the only thing made of tin with which I am familiar.

This is the only thing made of tin with which I am familiar.

Have an anniversary coming up and don’t know what to get your partner? These are the traditional anniversary gifts for each milestone year:

1st: paper

5th: wood

10th: tin (is anything even made out of tin anymore?)

15th: crystal

20th: china

25: silver

50th: gold

75th: diamond

Now, Emily Post says that guests attending an anniversary party are supposed to bring the appropriate category of gift. However, I think celebrating anniversaries that are not your own is SUPER WEIRD and except for a 50th anniversary, they should not be public things. My grandparents had a MARVELOUS 50th anniversary party and as far as I know, no one brought gifts (my cousins and I had to wear color-coded teeshirts to make it clear which of my grandparent’s five kids we belonged to, which, at 12, was gift enough.)

2 thoughts on “Traditional Anniversary Gifts

  1. I got a paper gift certificate for an anniversary sundial (clock) for my first anniversary (Hubby did both traditional and modern gifts in one!) and now it sits on our window sill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. We had the man who makes them put a date line on there that the time shadow follows on our special day each year, and it is fun to see the shadow get closer and closer as the day approaches. Now years later, our kids play in the rainbows on the floor in our family room!

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