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  2. I read the special royal baby edition blog; royal titles and I found a mistake where you referred Queen Elizabeth as a Regent. Queen Elizabeth is a Queen Regnant meaning she reigns in her own right. A regent is rightly known as a Prince Regent or Princess Regent and are only appointed by a Regency council to reign temporarily because the reigning monarch is a minor, absent or incapacitated.

  3. i have a regency earth toilet out in the garden. There is a cavern underneath. I’m baffled because how could anybody empty it if its 20foot deep and the neighbouring house is 20foot below so any contents would have seeped into their place. The person who owned the house could have been into smuggling and I am wondering if there’s more going on down there.When he died they sold 240 bottles of port, so somewhere i have a cellar.

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