In My Opinion The Best Wedding Favors Are Edible

First let me state that wedding favors are purely optional. But if you do want to do them, don’t waste your money on stupid trinkets that your guests are going to throw away. Do something edible so that they can snack on the way home or shortly after the wedding. Here is a list of edible favors that I think are great (some are from real weddings!)

  • Beach wedding: salt water taffy
  • Barn/ranch/southwestern wedding: trail mix or some kind of cutesy Cowboy mix
  • Theater wedding: popcorn
  • Related to your honeymoon destination: biscotti for Italy (real wedding!), British candy for Britain, baklava for Greece, etc.
  • Vineyard: local olive oil (real wedding!)
  • Fall wedding: caramel apples if you have $$$$, apple chips or other apple-y themed snacks
  • Winter wedding: hot chocolate (real wedding!)
  • Summer wedding: honey (real wedding!)
  • State fair/circus wedding: cotton candy
  • Baseball wedding: Cracker Jack
  • Colorful/rainbow wedding: Skittles (taste the rainbow)
  • Camping wedding: s’mores
  • NYC wedding: black and white cookies

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