Who Writes the Wedding Thank You Notes?

I have yet to receive a wedding thank you note in the groom’s handwriting (to be extremely fair I have received very few wedding thank you notes to make a complete analysis), but Jaya assures me that her husband wrote exactly half of their thank you notes. So it got us wondering how other couples had broken up the thank you note duties. Was your division fair? Did you swap families (I think this is cute because it gives your families a good impression of your new spouse)? Vote in our poll and then give us details in the comments.




4 thoughts on “Who Writes the Wedding Thank You Notes?

  1. I felt like such a chump, being the bride in a hetero marriage and writing ALL of our thank-you notes, but I grew up writing thank-yous and my husband did not. My opinions about this failure of his upbringing notwithstanding, I knew I had two options: write them all myself, or ask him to write half and then have to worry and fuss and make sure he actually did it. I took the easy way out. Feminism fail!

  2. Am I the only Bride Who Wrote All The Notes who feels the need to defensively elaborate in the comments? In my case there were two factors besides gender roles that pushed us in that direction: 1) we were living in different states at the time we got married and all the presents were delivered to my home, so I had the better grasp on what we had received and from whom, and 2) 90% of our wedding guests were my relatives. … But also gender roles.

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