Etiquette for Vampires

Previously: Etiquette for Witches

  • Falling in love with a human is a bad idea because there is always a power imbalance of extreme strength if not a huge age difference.
  • Keep your fangs sharp, it’s so much more painful for your victim when your fangs are dull.
  • You might not have a reflections but your minions/human lovers would sure appreciate a few mirrors around.
  • Don’t name your kid Renesmee.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately for all occasions. A black corset, leather pants and a cape is not appreciated in all settings!
  • Have mints available in case of any human’s garlic breath.
  • “Listen to them children of the night. What music they make.” is fine in your isolated castle, not so much in the suburbs where wolves howling is not appreciated.
  • It’s pretty rude to not engage in witty banter with a vampire slayer.
  • Make sure to clean up all the bat droppings before guests come over.
  • Be honest with your intentions.tumblr_mvjrmgpZlD1rurutpo6_500

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