How To Remain Polite When You are Hangry

Hangriness is a thing that can happen to anybody. It’s that thing that happens when you are very hungry (and maybe you don’t even know it) but that hungriness makes you very irritable and you can end up snapping at those you love the most.

Recently, I was in Iceland (brag, I know) with my sister and we had plans to go to a certain place for dinner. For several reasons, that didn’t work out and we had to find a new place to eat on the fly. At that point I was verrrry hungry and suddenly I didn’t know when or where I would be able to get something to eat and I snapped. It’s not a very good feeling to get angry with your friends and family for no reason but fortunately there are ways to deal with it.

First: do your best to prevent hunger. Make sure you eat on a regular schedule. Keep snacks with you so you always have something in an emergency. Do your best to warn people if you feel hangriness coming on.

Second: if you feel yourself getting irritable, take a deep breath before you say something you will regret. Tell someone that you need to eat something now.

Third: if it is too late for prevention and you have already taken your hangry out on someone, please apologize. A simple deep breath and a “I’m sorry I snapped, but I am very hungry and I need to eat something right now” goes a long way.

That’s not to say that sometimes you aren’t angry for a legitimate reason, but even so, it is better to discuss your anger on a full stomach!

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