Hostess Gifts

We have talked a lot about always bringing a hostess gift when you are attending an Event at someone’s home (a casual party isn’t quite the same thing, just bring something to contribute). And everyone always says wine or flowers and those are lovely sure. But also boring and obvious. Be the fun, cool guest who brings something different. And these are all relatively affordable unlike some magazines I could probably name that think that people are spending $50 on a hostess gift.

A cute cookie cutter


An air plant in a fun planter


Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam


A teensy bottle of truffle oil- it’s only around $10 and lasts FOREVER and feels incredibly fancy


Bubble Bath/a bath bomb (Lush has amazing bath bombs for about $7)


Nice tea or a bag of coffee beans


Cocktail syrups or artisinal bitters


Cocktail napkins


Fancy salt


A cool pool float (obviously best for people who have a pool, but…)


Art Magnets


Playing cards


A great book or at least a classic with a great cover


Pastries for the host’s breakfast the next day (Jaya inadvertently did this for me once and it was the best!)

The best hostess gift I ever got was an Ouija board. It wasn’t INTENDED as a hostess gift, I don’t think, but someone left it at my apartment after a party and said I could keep it, so there we are. Have you ever gotten or given a hostess gift? What was the best one?

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