Instagram Etiquette For Teens

Hey, we have an Instagram too, did you know?

Hey, we have an Instagram too, did you know?

You guys, I know this is an old person thing to say, but I am REALLY glad that I don’t have to be a teenager right now. I was listening to This American Life episode “Status Update” and Ira had on a pair of teenage girls to talk about Instagram and the crazy rules about it that govern their ENTIRE LIVES. Basically they HAVE to like and comment on every single post any of their friends makes:

Ella: It’s definitely a social obligation, because you want to let them know, and also let people who are seeing those, that I have a close relationship with this person, so close that I can comment on their pictures, like, this is so cute, or, you look so great here…


Jane: Especially because we, like, just started high school, so we’re meeting a lot of new people. So you would comment on someone’s photo who you’re not really super close with or that you don’t know really well. And it’s sort of a statement, like, I want to be friends with you, or I want to get to know you, or like, I think you’re cool.

If someone that you don’t know very well commented on your photo, you– it’s sort of like an unspoken agreement that you have to comment back on their photo. Like when you’re making new friends, if they comment on your photo, you comment on their photo.

But the really nice thing about it is that they only comment nice things:


So I have gorgeous, pretty.


You’re so pretty, OMG.


So pretty.


This is so pretty, OMG.


Heart eyes. So pretty. Heart eyes. Gorgeous. Gorge.


You’re so pretty, bye.



I guess if you have to spend 24 hours of your day responding to and liking pictures on Instagram, at least you are getting a lot of positive affirmation and love?

It’s a great episode all together, check it out.


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