Uncommon Courtesy Holiday Gift Guide!

Do you have a friend or family member who is an avid reader of our site and don’t know what to get them for the holidays? Here is a great etiquette based gift guide!

Handkerchiefs! This is a great gift because they are ever so much cooler than Kleenex and then you can politely offer them to people in need as well.










Someone once said that you can tell how good a person is by how well their shoes are shined. That’s completely absurd of course, but why risk it? Get a shoe shine kit and your loved one will always have the shiniest shoes.


Like I keep saying, Scarlett has so much random etiquette in it!


Of course, if you want a real etiquette book, Etiquette is never a bad idea.


Personalized stationery is lovely and hopefully will ensure that you get a thank you note!


Or what about a stamp with their initial and some sealing wax? It really fancies up paying your bills!


Or a beautiful fountain pen to inspire beautiful words?

Full Disclosure: All links are our Amazon Affiliate links!

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