Etiquette IRL: Beach Edition

BEACHBLANKET2I want to tell you a story about a good deed that didn’t go unnoticed! A few weeks ago, I lost my driver’s license and credit card on the beach. I put them in my shorts’ pocket because I didn’t want to carry a purse, and at some point realized they were no longer there, making attempting getting into a bar that night quite an ordeal. Immediately, I called my bank to cancel the card…only to find it had already been cancelled. Who would do such a thing?

Anyway, a few days after I returned home, I got an envelope with no return addressed, containing my cards and a letter with no signature. It simply said that the cards had been discovered on the beach, that they tried to get my bank to give me their phone number so I could contact them, and that they hope I still had an enjoyable weekend.

What an amazing thing!! Of course I would have written a thank you note had they included a return address (a lesson to always include a return address on your mail!), but sadly I can only hope they know how appreciative I am. And I thought it was a wonderful example of how polite actions can really have an impact. It’s really easy to follow etiquette rules because we’re told they make others feel good, but there is often little concrete proof. Nobody gets a thank you note for sending a thank you note. And it’s not like you should be doing these things so you get a cookie and a pat on the back, but it is helpful to know they actually work. Here’s your proof. Go make someone’s day.

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