The Power of An Apology

Leo knows.

Leo knows.

I’ve been noticing lately just how much of a difference an apology makes. It seems like one of those things like please and thank you where, it’s nice to hear but it doesn’t make THAT much difference in your feelings about a situation. But recently, I decided, it actually DOES make a big difference.

I’ve been in several situations where I’ve been irritated by something another commuter, or even a friend, does. And sometimes, these situations really put you on a path towards a bad mood. Like say a friend has made a commitment to doing something for you and then they don’t. You might be bottling it up and feeling really bad towards your friend. Then one day, they say, “hey, I’m really sorry I haven’t done that thing.” Even if their reason is bad, you automatically feel so much better because you feel a bit justified for having your feelings recognized. It’s a very lightening feeling.

Plus, when someone apologizes, even if it’s just for stepping on your toe on the subway, you get to accept the apology and move on rather than stewing about the rude person on the train all day.

So even though it seems SO trivial, please make an effort to give real and sincere apologies when you are in the wrong. It really makes a difference and makes the world a more pleasant place.

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