Etiquette Terms: Bread and Butter Letter

True life: Icelandic butter is the best.

True life: Icelandic butter is the best.

Short and sweet for Friday!

A bread and butter is a letter/note you write after attending a dinner party or staying at someone’s home. You write a couple paragraphs thanking the host/ess, saying what a great time you had, praising the food/their lovely home, etc. Basically, a thank you note with a cute name!


2 thoughts on “Etiquette Terms: Bread and Butter Letter

  1. I never knew that’s what these notes were called! In case it interests people, a friend of mine recently shared a tip she read in Adulting:

    When starting these notes, avoid the formulaic “thank you for…” and instead start with something nice about the host/hostess. Something like “You were such a gracious host and made my stay in Anytown truly amazing” or “Your dinner party was so much fun, and I particularly enjoyed your casserole.”

    The letter comes off as more genuine, rather than something you’re writing because you know manners dictate that you should.

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