Let It Mellow?

It could be worse! [Via Wikimedia Commons]

It could be worse! [Via Wikimedia Commons]

We recently saw a discussion on Twitter about whether, given the terrible drought in California, is it okay to follow the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” policy in public restrooms as well as at home. We were asked to weigh in, so here is our take:

Victoria: I’ve been thinking about it all week and I really do not know
 Jaya:  I think it’s responsible citizenship. It may seem gross, but that’s just because of our hyper-vigilant ideas about cleanliness.
Victoria:  That’s the way I was leaning. Like, it really does not bother me to pee on someone elses pee in a restroom.
 Jaya:  However, I would like to point out that solutions cannot come on the individual level like this. We need structural change. taking shorter showers is not going to make the dent we need.
 Victoria: Yeah, for sure. But every bit counts as well, not to mention it helps set everyones mindset to conservation rather than, “well it doesn’t matter for something so small”
 Jaya:  Oh absolutely. But yeah there is this trend of like “if everyone just doesn’t eat almonds and washes their hair every other day then it’ll be solved” and like, no.
 Victoria:  Oh! Though, I think if you notice that its starting to smell, you should probably flush after you go.
 Jaya:  Yes, definitely. And yeah, this is sort of in between individual and structural. like, the government is encouraging people to do this. So you should do it and maybe quit being so squeamish. I mean people drink urine, it’s not the worst thing to ever happen to you.
Victoria: Although, I do wonder about toilet paper clogs- like if its the 5th “let it mellow” happening then, thats a lot of TP in the bowl that now has to get down the pipe.
 Jaya:  That’s a good point. If you see it’s getting to that point then flush.
Victoria:  Definitely. Too smelly, too full of TP, flush it down.
 Jaya:  I just feel like this isn’t rocket science? If it looks like it really needs a flush, do it, and if you can avoid it, avoid it.
Victoria:  Hahahaha yeah, exactly. Plus! It can make you less annoyed at people! Like in non-drought conditions, you see an unflushed bowl and you are like, “ugh, what a jerk.” When its a drought, its like, “what a good citizen!”
 Jaya:  yeah!



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