Etiquette Links

While we are still out on a little hiatus, enjoy some other excellent etiquette from around the internets.

Etiquette parodies are always great at The Onion.

Or maybe this is the true etiquette for the NYC Subway?

If you like podcasts, you must listen to Awesome Etiquette by Lizzie Post and Dan Post Senning from the Emily Post Institute.

Can you pass a chivalry test? (Doesn’t mean we need to keep these rules!)

Katie Heany at Buzzfeed has been reading vintage behavior guides with hilarious results.

We don’t agree that etiquette faux pas should be ACTUAL crimes.

Differing food etiquette across the world is always fun!

Etiquette Hell is where I first starting picking up modern etiquette. Be sure to check out the outstanding forum where a bunch of etiquette mavens put everyone in their place.

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