How To Live In A Dorm

typical_hofstra_dorm_roomWe already talked a bit about roommate etiquette, but living in a dorm room is like roommates to the tenth degree. Not only do you have to deal with living with someone in close vicinity, but you most likely don’t even have your own room, you have to share a bathroom with ten other people, and at least one person will vomit in the hallway right outside your door.

  • Don’t vomit in hallways. Or shit. Apparently this needs to be said because multiple people I know have experienced someone taking a #2 in their dorm hallways.
  • Be conscious of each other’s schedules. If one of you has class at 8am and the other regularly works until midnight, do your best to let each other sleep when you need it.
  • Keep tidy. This goes for all roommates but especially when your beds are three feet away from each other.
  • I would say “don’t have sex when your roommate is sleeping” but let’s be honest, it’s going to happen. Try to avoid it if possible, and keep as quiet and still as you can if it comes to it. Same thing goes for shower sex.
  • Speaking of showers! Be quick. It’s good for the environment and for the line of eight people waiting for you to get out.
  • Don’t badmouth your roommate. Not everyone is going to get along, especially if you’re randomly assigned someone to live with. But just because you don’t get along with your roommate doesn’t mean the whole floor should be turned against them.
  • Do not spend all of your time in your dorm room. When you’re given a space that small for two people with no walls between you, personal time is always welcome. Study in the library sometimes. Watch TV in your friend’s room. Give each other some breathing room.

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