Olympics Etiquette

If you are like us, you have been glued to Olympics coverage this year, so we thought it would be fun to go over a little Olympics etiquette.

First, Olympians should practice good sportsmanship:

  • Win or lose with grace, don’t gloat or whine.
  • Play by the rules and don’t try to get away with sneakily trying to injure the other competitors.
  • Don’t heckle your opponents when they make a mistake.
  • Don’t argue with the ref or judges over everything, save it for when it’s important.
  • Always shake hands after.

Spectators should also practice good etiquette:

  • Win or lose with grace, don’t gloat or whine.
  • Keep the heckling and trash talk to a minimum, people around you didn’t pay Olympic prices to listen to your opinion.
  • Drink in moderation, no one likes to sit by the drunk buffoon.
  • Be mindful of your seat and the people around you, spaces are small and you need to try not to kick people or spill your snacks and drinks on them.

The Olympics are such a huge international event, it behooves everyone participating and spectating to remember that everyone has different customs and to try not to be offended if someone does something that is offensive in your country but is completely fine in theirs. For the London Games, VisitBritain actually compiled a list of various international etiquette rules to distribute to the service industry to help them serve the many international visitors, check out this great CNN article about it.

And of course, Olympians have been tweeting about the specific rules they are encountering in Sochi, such as this list of bathroom rules from Canadian snowboarder Sebastian Toutant:

Tell us about your favorite Olympians and events in the comments!


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